Top Ten List

What do you really believe? What’s the bottom line for you? Do you know? If you’re like most people, you’re probably not entirely sure.

This exercise is meant to help you sort out what beliefs are really important to you. It sounds simple: create a top ten list of things you believe. It’s actually pretty challenging.

Begin by making a list of ten things you really believe. Avoid using dogmatic statements, creeds, or someone else’s words. Put each statement in your own words. These beliefs may be broad. For instance, you may write, “I believe in the goodness of people,” or “I believe life has a purpose.” Or they may be very specific, like, “I believe that when I die, such and such will happen.”

After you’ve completed the list (and you may not be able to complete it in one hour or one day), then begin to organize it based on what beliefs are most important. Perhaps you will be able to organize a top ten list. Or perhaps you’ll be more comfortable grouping beliefs into the top three, the bottom three, and those in the middle. Do what works for you.

As your doing this exercise, you are welcome to comment on it. I will respond to comments and questions and provide whatever assistance I can.

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