Sorting Out Beliefs


For many people, faith is an important part of the spiritual journey.  Those raised in families that participated in religious communities, like churches and synagogues, were taught particular beliefs, some of which may make sense to us while others don’t.  Living in a diverse and multi-cultural world, we are all exposed to a variety of beliefs and different practices related to faith.  It’s not unusual today for people to have a variety of beliefs about life, religion, and spirituality.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of saying, “I believe this, but not that,” when discussing religious beliefs.  That may lead you to wonder how your beliefs fit with those of others. 

The web site,, offers a free and easy to use assessment about common beliefs people in North America are likely to have.  Based on responses to twenty questions, the assessment provides statistical information about how closely you are related to a variety of religious traditions: Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, and so forth.  The Belief-O-Matic can be helpful in gaining some understanding of what you believe and how those beliefs it with religion in North American society.

Visit Belief-O-Matic and find out how you score on the assessment.  Again, it’s free and easy:  20 multiple choice questions with no wrong answers. 

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