Your Spirituality: A Personal Appraisal

Understanding the role of spirituality and spiritual practices in one’s life help us to not only integrate those practices more fully but to focus on what’s really vital for our spiritual lives. Sometimes, life events, the suggestions from others, or an over-load of information in our culture cloud our vision of what’s truly significant for us.

The following questions can be used for reflection and journaling to help focus more on what’s important about your experience of spirituality and spiritual practices and how they are integrated in your life. (These questions were adapted by a spiritual assessment created by Gowri Anandarajah and Ellen Hight at Brown University School of Medicine.)

- What are your sources of
          • hope?
          • strength?
          • comfort?
          • peace?

- What do you hold onto during difficult times?

- What sustains you and keeps you going?

- What provides you with a sense of life or vitality?

- Are you part of a religious or spiritual community?
          • Does it help you? How?
          • What aspects of your religion are helpful and not so helpful to you?

- Do you have any personal spiritual beliefs that are independent of organized religion? Can you name or describe them?

- What aspects of your spirituality or spiritual practices do you find most important to you personally?

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